I have to kill, we have

 I have to kill, we have more information for you, viewers, the incident that took place on the main pine 2, where in the PC, the shooter shot a party who had been involved in a car crash and then himself was physically assaulted until the party died. Of the parties, seriously injured. The audience asked many of them, such as the CCTV on the Silk Police Station, can shoot, right? when taken to the precinct The main two merchants went to interrogate further because they came out of the investigative room. The news team tried to interview and they still didn"t answer as before. They tried to do an interview once, but theyเกมมือถือ/brand/pg caught him in the evening and he didn"t say anything. Take the wife of the deceased, including the mother of the deceased from waiting to meet in the PC. The perpetrator was accused of accepting 7:00 to approach you. Try it. 1 episode, the moment the husband was shot. The family of the accused, he said. In the year of depression, right? Your wife said that Lek Isuzu was very sad and stressed, but the incident of hitting a car and getting hurt was something like this, so the deceased came and shouted to ask.

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